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more life
more yoga.


Christina practices and teaches Ashtanga yoga in Atlanta, GA. She came to Ashtanga after a car accident and found that repeating the Primary Series daily was like physical therapy for her back and surprisingly brought a new level of clarity and focus to her mind and the rest of her life.


Christina is the founder of Liveology, a growing yoga brand, and Liveology Yoga Magazine, a publication focused on highlighting the beauty of yoga in all its expressions.

Christina travels across the country meeting and interviewing people for the magazine and teaching yoga. Christina can be requested for private instruction and events.

Scroll to learn about Liveology below or visit us at

Christina grew up in Pasadena, CA, and is an alumna of the University of Southern California.



Dog named Buffy.  Really like pancakes.  Slight knowledge of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and a touch of Sanskrit.  French toast. Seminary trained. Virgo ☀️. Capricorn 🌙.  Waffles. Name means "Victorious in Christ." Yoga every day.

Fight on.


She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.

morelifepodcast.jpg is a mobile and online yoga studio.


We teach in places such as apartment complexes, office spaces, and parks, & can pop up a yoga class pretty much anywhere.


We offer recurring, weekly classes as an amenity at residential and office buildings.


We also offer one-time events for retreats, conferences, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, etc.

Let us roll out the black mats for you.


Check us out online for our asana library and yoga glossary. We're yoga students at heart.

IG/Twitter @liveologyyoga

Christina is the host of Liveology's podcast,

"More Life. More Yoga."


Listen across all platforms!


I offer private yoga instruction both in person and virtually.

Learn Ashtanga OR we can craft an individualized plan for you to achieve your goals.

Improve Your Posture

Work on Alignment

Decrease Pain

Look Great

Feel Great

Tap In